Daclier Dachshunds

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Bell of the Ball 


sold March 9, 2015

Dear Marilyn,
‚ÄčThank you for breeding such a beautiful dog.  Bella is the joy of our lives.  I take her everywhere even on the subway where people comment on how beautiful she is.  She is the smartest and best dachshund we have ever owned.  She loves to play with Summer when she comes to visit and spends her day cuddling with us on the couch.  Thank you again for being  so careful with what you breed.  It was obvious from day one that you care very much for the dogs you breed.  Thanks again for Bella,     Vivian

Sold April 11, 2015


Hi Marnie,

He is the  loveliest little boy anyone could ever find.  He's right by my feet right now as I type this.  Both are actually here with me.  I am extremely happy with him, and he is extremely happy being here and with me.  He and my other dachshund get along great as well.  There is no aggression or domination on either side. They both follow me everywhere, and I want them to, haha.  I've been leash training Ringo, so we've been going out walking every day.  He's catching on to that fast, and he's really caught onto the potty training well. He is one smart little puppy!  Good genetics!  He is always showing his love, vice versa. I love him so much!  We are all going to have a very fun-fulfilled life together.  He is going to have a great time especially when I take him down to Florida during the winter seasons as I only go to pet-friendly beaches and many walking trails.  Thank you again for breeding such a great little baby.  Only something that can be accomplished by a good breeder such as yourself.   

Thanks again!
- Elise