Daclier Dachshunds

​​​​Breeding and Showing Quality Miniature Long Hair Dachshunds Located in South Western Ontario Canada


I have been breeding and showing dogs off and on for 40+ years.  I believe as a breeder, my responsibility is to breed strong healthy dogs that are free of genetic problems and conform to the standard set down by the CKC and the parent dachshund clubs.  I also believe temperament is a vital component of any breeding program as the majority of pups born spend their lives with loving families.  All my breeding dogs have sound loving temperaments.  I am a small breeder usually only breeding for my next year’s show prospect, and all my dogs live in the house with me spending their evenings curled up on the foot of my chair.

It is because of the wonderful breeders in my dogs’ pedigrees that I have had so much success with my own breeding program.  A huge thank you to people like Dianne Ritchie (Eriska Dachshunds}, Packer’s, Wiebke Kumbhani (Alstertal), Karyn and Jeff Dionne (Wagsmore), Grandgables and many other noted breeders.  Without their diligence, there would be no Daclier Dachshunds.


Marnie Ritchie

Brights Grove (Sarnia) Ontario

(519) 869 - 8498